Your Rheumatologist in Knoxville, Tennessee Specializing in You

The vision of Dr. Tonya Baker and the team at Rheumatologix is to return care to how it was intended – a one-on-one connection between patient and physician. In this relationship, there’s no room for a third wheel like an insurance provider that dominates the conversation and stands in the way of treatment.

By shifting a fee-for-service model to a direct pay practice, Rheumatologix is creating a movement of informed and committed patient-partners who are equipped with accurate information to engage with their healthcare team and live their best lives – even in the face of a chronic condition! It’s incredible just how better you’ll feel and how quickly your symptoms can subside when you’re not waiting to get on a provider’s schedule or struggling to get a diagnosis.

Meet Dr. Baker

Dr. Baker is a double board-certified internist and rheumatologist who specializes in identifying undiagnosed or misdiagnosed chronic conditions. She meets you where you are on your journey toward less pain, greater mobility, and restored functionality by providing compassionate care and both medical and alternative therapies. To learn more about Dr. Baker’s approach and credentials, click here.

What is Direct Patient Care?

Because Rheumatologix isn’t held hostage by insurance claims and reimbursements, Dr. Baker can dedicate more time to your visit when compared to other providers and see you multiple times throughout the year. No more five-minute appointments, treatment plans in a pill bottle, or questions left unanswered! To learn more about Rheumatology direct patient care, click here.

The Patients Rheumatologix Serves

Dr. Baker sees individuals of any age living with chronic pain or an autoimmune disorder. Rheumatologix is based in Knoxville, but our patients live throughout Eastern Tennessee, from Johnson City and Sevierville to Jefferson City and Oak Ridge. To schedule your consultation, call 865.995.7006.