Direct Patient Care – Accessible, Personalized Rheumatology Care in Knoxville

Are you waiting months – or even a year – to get on a provider’s schedule?

Have you visited different doctors, but still haven’t received a diagnosis for your symptoms?

Does your rheumatologist take the time to answer your questions, or do they write a prescription and rush out the door?

If you’re living with chronic pain or an autoimmune disease, accessing medical care shouldn’t be another struggle you have to handle. As a direct-care, direct-pay provider, Rheumatologix in Knoxville delivers personalized, patient-centered care on your schedule with the compassion, empathy, and respect you deserve. Dr. Tonya Baker takes the time to build a trusting, meaningful relationship with each patient so we can treat the whole you, not just your symptoms.

What is a Direct Pay Model?

Finding a rheumatology specialist when symptoms first start can feel impossible when every clinic has a months-long waitlist. When you do become a patient, getting on a provider’s calendar isn’t any easier, so you continue to fight through flare-ups until your rheumatologist slips you in for a five-minute visit.

But why has care become so hard to come by?

In a traditional fee-for-service model, healthcare systems and insurance companies often dictate how an office is run. Insurance reimbursements have not kept up with inflation, forcing providers to see a higher quantity of patients just to cover those costs of running a practice. They’re also forced to navigate excessive paperwork and face interference from insurance providers to justify the care their patients receive. 

The status quo is no longer working for patients or providers. With a physician-owned, direct-care model, patients pay a monthly subscription for direct access to a rheumatologist—access that includes immediate appointments and longer visits to ensure faster, reliable care and better health outcomes.

The Benefits of Direct Care for Patients with Chronic Pain

Switching to a direct-pay rheumatology practice offers you benefits you won’t get with another provider:

  • No insurance required – Without the hassle of insurance claims, you don’t have to worry that your care won’t be covered or you’ll have to wait for a referral to see a rheumatologist. In addition, medications and labs are available at a reduced price.
  • The end of surprise bills – Our fees are predictable, transparent, and affordable. In most cases, our yearly memberships are considerably less than most insurance deductibles, and co-pays for rheumatology care are a thing of the past.
  • Care on your calendar – Patients in Eastern Tennessee wait six to 12 months on average to see their rheumatologist. At Rheumatologix, you’ll be scheduled with Dr. Baker within a day or two of your first call.
  • Longer visits – Dr. Baker doesn’t just know your name; she takes the time to understand your medical and family histories to come to the correct diagnosis and develop the most effective treatment plan.
  • Premium services – For an additional $20 a month, you’ll have 24/7 access to Dr. Baker by phone and receive two at-home visits a year.

Quality Rheumatology Care is Just a Call Away

To learn more about our direct care model, explore our monthly subscriptions and benefits. You’ll discover our costs are competitive with your insurance premiums and co-pays, but even more important, you’ll receive one-on-one care that will help you find the relief you need sooner.