Direct Rheumatology Care in Knoxville
The Time You Need to Get Your Life Back

Dr. Tonya Baker is a board-certified rheumatologist in Knoxville, Tennessee with a whole-body,
multidisciplinary approach to your rheumatologic needs. Through our direct-pay model, Rheumatologix
offers you unparalleled access and personalized care you won’t find anywhere else.

Living With Inflammatory or Autoimmune Disease?

Treating chronic pain requires more than a prescription pad. By ensuring medication is just one part of a holistic care plan and empowering you to take greater control of your health. Dr. Baker helps you find long-term relief – rather than settle for a temporary fix from a pill bottle.

Just a few of the conditions she treats at our Knoxville rheumatology practice include:

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Psoriatic Arthritis
  • Lupus
  • Psoriasis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • COVID Vaccine Response

Chronic Pain Can’t Wait

A new patient waits more than 60 days on average to see a rheumatologist at a traditional practice. In Eastern Tennessee it can take up to a year.

We don’t think average is good enough.

When you’re suffering, every week that ticks away is one more week your condition grows worse, and your quality of life decreases. As a direct patient care practice, Rheumatologix in Knoxville will get you on our schedule within days of your first call. And once you become a monthly member, you can see Dr. Baker whenever and as often as you need!

The Benefits of Direct Patient Care

Affordable Direct-Pay Options
Stop fighting with your insurance company to get the care you require.

No Referral Needed
You know you’re in pain. You shouldn’t need a primary to confirm it before seeing a specialist.

See a Rheumatologist on Your Schedule
When pain strikes, urgent and same-day visits are always available to members. 

Longer Visits With Your Doctor
Dr. Baker gives you the time to be heard so she can better diagnose and treat your disease.

Expert Care with an Empathetic Heart

Behind every autoimmune disease is a unique person who deserves their own individualized rheumatology treatment plan. Dr. Baker doesn’t just diagnose your condition based on labs and X-rays – she gets to know you on a one-to-one level to understand your background, lifestyle, and challenges so she can address the disease, not just your symptoms. And unlike many rheumatologists who leave patients out of their own care plan, Dr. Baker creates solutions with you to improve your overall health.

This is rheumatology done right!

Your Next Steps to Life with Less Pain

1. Attend one of our open houses.

2. Join for a low, monthly fee.

3. See us when YOU need us!

Hear What Our Rheumatology Patients Are Saying

Stacy Lett
Stacy Lett
The Best !!! Dr.Baker is the most caring and compassionate doctor. She takes the time to listen to you. I most definitely would recommend her to anyone that is in need of a Rheumatologist.
Anastasia Rairigh, MD
Anastasia Rairigh, MD
Dr. Baker is a fantastic rheumatologist. Skilled, caring, and kind. She is dedicated to her patients and works hard to provide excellent, evidence-based care in complex disease processes. We are grateful to have her here in TN
Laura Bacon
Laura Bacon
Dr. Baker is amazing and everything you would want in a doctor and a rheumatologist. She is that brilliant practitioner who stays on the cutting edge of medicine, yet is personable and thoughtful. She is kind, thorough, and an extremely talented diagnostician. I have never had a doctor who listened or cared about her patients as much as she does. I would follow her anywhere. 5 stars isn't enough!

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